Solar Panel Installation

Why Does Residential Solar Panel Installation Consider the Environment?

Installation of solar panels is a tricky affair – to start with. Regardless of whether it is for the residential complex or for their commercial counterparts, experts offering solar panel installation would consider a number of factors into account. They do this to ensure a perfect installation and to ensure that the stakeholders are able to make the most of the solar system. Of all the other factors that these experts consider, the environment is one of the most important aspects to consider – and not without any reason.

In our previous write-up, we discussed the best practises for residential solar panel installation. On this page, we discuss the environmental aspects that the experts offering residential solar installation would take into account while installing the solar system. In fact, there are a number of environmental factors that must be addressed while installing the solar panels. These may include certain elements on the roof as well as wind, sun level, seismic activities, and the like.


Solar power panels need to be strong enough to withstand the effects of the elements. And wind speed is the most important factor to be taken into account. Thus, the experts conducting residential solar panel installation in Ipswich must take into consideration the maximum level of wind speed of the region all throughout the year. They must also study the frequency of storms and the average ferocity of the same to set up the panels. Thus, they must ensure that the installation is robust enough to withstand the storms.

Apart from wind level, they must also take into account the shape of the roof and other architectural elements like chimneys, wind funnels, parapets, and the like that can have an impact on the force of the wind. They must ascertain the direction of the wind, the change in direction, and the behavioural pattern of the wind. This will help them adopt the best installation technique so that the panels suffer no or little damage in the course of time.

Seismic Activity 

Well, this may raise quite some eyebrows Australia, and in particular the Sunshine Coast area, is not known for any seismic activities in the near past except for a few occasional mediocre to model tremors, we never know what the movement of the tectonic plates in the earth’s crust. So the professionals offering solar panel installation in Redlands would take into account the seismic activities and the power, before setting up solar panels.

Sun Level and the Demand for Power

It is an extremely important aspect to consider before installing solar panels in Sunshine Coast or in any other location. They will consider the amount of sunlight the area receives all throughout the year, the level of the sun, the path of its movement, and the demand for power in the household all throughout the year. This will help the installers gauge the wattage of solar energy needed and will come up with the installation accordingly.

Therefore, as you see, these are the major environmental aspects that these professionals would take into account. Our experts at AP Solar & Batteries would do the same and that is what makes us such a successful name in business. Call us at 0406 128 634 to book an appointment, or email us at for a free online quote.