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What’s Included in a Residential Solar Panel Installation Inspection?

By installing solar panels in your Redlands home, you can efficiently decrease energy costs. But before you can get them installed by technicians, they will need to inspect your home to develop an installation plan. But that’s not all. The inspection process is required for various other things and is a procedure that has to be followed prior to the panel installation process.

Here, we will take a look at the things that are inspected by the solar installers before they can set up the system in your home.

Electrical Inspection

Before starting the solar panel installation in Redlands, the installers will inspect the electrical wiring. This is an important requirement since it will help the installers avoid hazards. For instance, if professionals detect short circuits or similar problems, they will inform you beforehand so that you can get them fixed for everyone’s safety.

The installers will inspect the electrical components in your home such as the connectors, wiring, junction boxes, etc. Additionally, they will assess the grounding as well to keep you protected from hazards.

Assessing the Structure of Your Home

Secondly, the installers will inspect the structure of your home, especially the roof since the panels will be mounted here. The roof needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of the panels. Therefore, the inspectors will only proceed with the installation process if they find that the roof is strong enough to support the panels. Besides, if required, the solar installers in Redlands might also recommend sealing and flashing around the penetrations to prevent seepage of water.

Inspecting the Inverters

The next thing that the solar installers will inspect are the inverters in your home. These components will need to work flawlessly. Otherwise, a fault can impact the performance of the solar system to be installed in your home. But if you do not have an inverter already, the technicians will suggest installing the same since it is necessary for the solar system to work.

Inspecting the Shade

Technicians carrying out residential solar installation in Redlands will inspect the shade in your roof since it can substantially impact the performance of electricity generation. For instance, if your roof is shaded, you can expect a decrease in power output. If this is detected, you might have to install the panels elsewhere, at a place where there is ample sunlight.

Evaluating Solar Panel Performance 

After solar systems are installed in your home, technicians will first evaluate the performance of the same before leaving. If they experience a reduced output, they will perform further inspections to find out the underlying problem and repair it

Compliance with Local Regulations 

Finally, home solar panel installers in Redlands will assess whether setting up the systems complies with the local regulations.

This is an important step that needs to be followed by the technicians at all costs.

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