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How to Evaluate Residential Solar Panels Before Installation?

If you are looking for the best solar panels to have them installed, you need to at first have the right solar panel installer in place. A qualified residential solar installer will not only come up with impeccable solar panel installation, but before that, they will evaluate the quality of the panels to ensure they have the best panels installed to justify the investment of their customers. Now the question is, how will a reputable residential solar panel installer in North Brisbane, like anywhere else, evaluate the quality of the solar panels? Let us look into the issue.


The efficiency of solar panels is actually the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic (PV) cell or solar cells. It is the percentage of the solar energy that falls on the PV device that gets converted into usable electricity. In most cases, the efficiency of the solar panels is gauged by their type. They come in three types – thin-film, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline.

The motto of these professionals offering solar panel installation in North Brisbane, like anywhere else, will be to install solar panels with higher efficiency, as that means, you will need a lesser number of panels to be installed, reducing the cost of installation.

Degradation Rate: 

Degradation is the technical term that is used to describe a drop in the output that every solar panel experiences over time. Every solar panel degrades over time, and that is a natural phenomenon. However, the point is that not all the solar panels degrade at an identical rate. In the first  year after installation, these panels undergo a short-term degradation that ranges from 1 to 3 pc. However, from there onwards, these panels degrade at the rate of 0.8 to 0.9 pc on an average each year. However, there are certain panels that degrade at a faster rate. This is where these experts offering residential solar installation in North Brisbane  will make a difference. They will opt for the panels that will degrade slower and avert the ones that degrade faster.


This is another factor about the solar panels that the installers will consider while evaluating them. Now the durability of the panels depends on the location of the residence. Panels that are installed at properties that are located in coastal areas will receive high winds and salty weather and hence degrade faster than the ones that are installed at homes located inland with moderate weather. Thus, when these professionals evaluate solar panels, they will prefer the ones that are more durable and good enough to brave the weather.

Real World Performance

This is another very important aspect that these professionals offering the installation of residential solar panels in North Brisbane would consider while choosing solar panels. They would consider the performance of various solar panels in the real-world against the performance measured under ideal, laboratory simulations. The experts will evaluate these readings, find the ones with real world performance, and choose them for the installation.

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