10.79kw Solar System
Roof Mounted 10.79kW Solar System Installation in North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast
AP Solar & Batteries is the home to some of the best and the most experienced & skilled technicians, who would come up with some flawless installation of rooftop-mounted 10.79kW Solar System in North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast at domestic and commercial properties.
Why would you need to have a 10.79kW Solar System installed?
10.79kW Solar System installation in North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast is your ideal option if you have a larger home with power consumption that is on a higher scale or for commercial complexes with a modest scale of power consumption.

For installation of a 10.79kW Solar System, you will need a roof area of more or less 90 to 100 sq meters and the system will comprise of more or less 35 to 42 solar panels.

What will be the price of 10.79kW Solar System installation?
Ideally, a 10.79kW Solar System installation price in North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast will depend on the amount of construction work and the number of panels needed to be installed, which in turn depends upon the quality of the RV panels.

Nevertheless, at AP Solar & Batteries, our 10.79kW Solar System installation would involve setting up of 8.2kw Fronius Inverter with Fronius Smart Meter and 29 x 370w Jinko Panels.

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